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Archery Games

Archery Games Ottawa was started in 2015 by founders Qi Hu, Ramsay Jackson and Brian Seto after seeing the sport explode throughout North America.

Realising they could add to the experience with different concepts and equipment, the trio found the ideal location for the business in downtown Canada's captial, Ottawa. The sport was an instant hit with the city's sports fans and adrenaline junkies alike and within a year, Archery Games already had a weekly league supported by dedicated players.

In the wake of the business's success, the founders continued the push, opening Archery Games Boston and 3 franchise locations across the US & Canada. Seven years on, Archery Games is still going strong, with thousands of amateur archers taking to the arena each year.


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Great time! Good for all ages, birthday parties, team building activities or family bonding. Definitely wear running shoes and clothing you would wear for sports. You will most likely be sore the next day but it is totally worth it! 

- Chris on Google

What a fun place! My 8 year old daughter attended 2 weeks of their Activity Camp. We had signed up at the beginning of the summer with the usual COVID concerns. Noah & Eli are running a tight ship regarding the kids’ health (which eased my mind) and lots energy and inclusion for the kiddos (which eased my daughter’s mind). Now I’m thinking ahead to birthday parties... 

- Julie on Google

I went with the company team.  I had gone through the archery tag in the past as well as the escape rooms. I highly recommend this place for team or family or friend outings. The particular close eye on safety from the staff ensured that every experience was fun and safe for everybody.  Other teammates are already planning on a return trip to play it out as well.

- Lazlo on Google


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