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Room Escape

Wanting to add more to their burgeoning Archery Games facility, founders Qi, Ramsay and Brian looked at the craze sweeping the world: Escape Rooms.

The trio's individual skills merged to create some of the country's most highly rated rooms. Beginning with the Boom Room, the difference to other escape companies was already clear. Most room escapes at the time were built quickly and cheaply in vacant, 1-room office spaces, but the Boom Room was a fully themed multi -room experience right from the get go.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback was telling and it wasn't long before Ramsay developed two more winning rooms, followed by an expansion to Boston, USA. Fast forward 3 more years and Room Escape Ottawa is the top rated escape facility in the city, with 6 theme-park level rooms and even an online escape experience.


Apt613 checks out Ottawa's creepiest Escape Room.

Narcity heads underground to try and beat Undermined!

Escape Games Review gets stranded!


The wife and I have done a wide variety of escape rooms with various companies. A lot of them tend to feel the same. Well, we did their new room Undermined yesterday and have to say it's my favourite of any room so far by any company. More immersive than any other room we've done. Fantastic.

- Justin on Google

One of the best place for escape rooms in Ottawa. I've played Stranded, Undermined, Deliverance and Boom Room. Those are quite different rooms, one of them was really easy for players with a lot of experience, one had impressive effects and technology, but I had fun in all of them and was satisfied at the end of every room. I will definitely be back to play the other rooms!

- Christine on Google

Awesome experience! Matt provided really helpful tips on which room to pick and was super friendly and flexible with some last minute adjustments to our room. Lots of fun... And we got a suprise birthday goody! Definitely recommend!

- Feri on Google


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