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With Archery Games & Room Escape having been up and running for a few years, we noticed that many of our customers were corporate groups and birthday parties. Most of these groups wanted somewhere to relax, chat and eat after their game, but were all heading elsewhere afterwards.

Wanting to give these groups the best experience possible, the idea to add a fun space to the facility where guests could go after their game became a reality. Initially concieved as a pizza parlour, the plan morphed with our sense of fun to include games and a licensed bar!

In 2023, we aknowledged that a high percentage of our business was coming directly from large, private events. In a bold strategy shift, Playback was one of the first businesses of its kind in Ottawa to move to a private events only model. Now, groups can rent the entire space more easily and have greater control over their event.


CTV News Five & Dine features Playback Ottawa

The Ottawa Citizen heads to Playback for Food, drinks & fun!

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We did an escape room with our friends and then had dinner and played lawn games at Playback. The space is large and the games are so much fun! It would be an amazing space for an office party or large gathering as well.

- Olivia on Google

Wow what an awesome restaurant. Our family of five went for dinner this evening. The food was so good. Cooked perfect and tasted awesome. The service was great as well. They have a bunch of cool indoor games available including a bean bag toss, shuffle board and bocce. We ate and played games. It was just really fun. Highly recommend it!

- Jason on Google

This place is 100% my favourite in Ottawa! I have nothing bad to say. The food is amazing, lots of fun games to play and the service is great! I've been lucky enough to get the same server everytime we go and she's one of the best! The atmosphere here is great, both indoors and the patio!

- Josh on Google


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